The AGRICYGEN project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 763700
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The overall objective of AGRICYGEN is to federate an unutilised research potential of three Cypriot Institutions, with the help of three leading European Institutions, in order to establish an Agricultural Genomics Centre in Cyprus, equipped with cutting edge technology and know-how, with a Strategic Research Agenda made up of a specific set of tasks of high economic value to the country. Specifically, this centre will have long-and medium-term objectives.




AGRICYGEN Short-term Objectives


During the 12 months of the CSA action, the following objectives are envisaged

1. To engage the scientific community, industry, societal stakeholders and policy-makers in a dialogue for the finalisation of the R&I strategy of the envisioned Centre
2. Prepare a roadmap of the Strategic Research Agenda and innovation plan
3. Prepare an educational and training plan through close collaboration of local and advanced partners
4. Devise an industry-oriented operation plan for Centre activities and core facilities
5. Devise a detailed plan of customised services relevant to the wider stakeholder community.






AGRICYGEN Long-term Objectives


1. To increase the international visibility and competitiveness of Cyprus in cutting edge agricultural research by enhancing the research capacity and potential in the area of genetics and genomics and its applications within the livestock industries and agricultural systems productivity.
2. To strengthen collaborations and to initiate new collaborative links within the country for sharing expertise and knowledge in areas associated with agricultural genomics.
3. To create an ever-expanding, well-educated taskforce of researchers, in the fields of animal and plant genomics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, soil/rhizosphere metagenomics and molecular biology. These researchers shall be capable of pursuing competitive research projects, of interpreting biological data and explaining the nature of genomic findings in selected organisms, of analysing large biodata and developing cutting edge bioinformatic tools.
4. To provide a paradigm of international relevance of countrywide genomic evaluation schemes for Sheep and Goat (S&G), as well as for crop species serving as their primary feed.
5. To contribute to the advancement of research in genetic and genomics of small ruminants and crops, especially with respect to providing innovative solutions to various issues associated with applying genomic selection in these species.
6. To constitute a global case study in semi-arid areas for a multi-level integrated approach, within a single Centre, for the use of genomic technologies in crops, livestock and microorganisms, and concurrent provision of consulting services to various stakeholders, to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of agricultural and livestock value chains.
7. To develop the Centre into a Regional Reference Centre for genomic evaluation of animals and crops used for commercial purposes.